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House's House of Whining





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Differential Diagnosis: General House Chatter

Here you can discuss the HoYay, spoilers, House media and much more...

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Sep 3 16 1:18 PM

PPTH People: Characters and Actors

This is the place to discuss any and all characters or actors that appear on House (or have yet to appear, in the case of the Weird Night Janitor).

35 25,297 0 Re: Homina, Homin...
Feb 3 16 11:32 PM

Makes You Feel Funny... Good: The Shipper Forum

This is where you can find individual threads for each and every ship imaginable. My personal favourite is WNJ/ENB, but that's just me...

24 4,190 0 Re: I Love You: H...
Nov 9 14 2:31 PM

Everyone's Got an Opinion: The Poll Section

"Well, that's very moving. It's a shame I don't vote." But if House did vote... well, he'd probably still skip the polls in this forum. You guys aren't House though (thankfully), so come and make your opinion known.

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The Whinies - House's House of Whining's Awards for... House

This is where you get to vote on the best (and the worst) of the first 4 seasons.

4 87 0 Whinies Results
Jun 13 09 3:06 PM

Monuments to Your Self-Centeredness: The Cafeteria

This is the place where all of the all of the creative endeavours, games and other distractions go, in case you're bored of all the actual show discussion.

40 13,127 0 Re: I'm Looking f...
Apr 11 13 7:53 AM

I'm Almost Always Eventually Right: The Episodes





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Season Eight

House has a new boss. Wilson gets cancer. Chase (and everyone else) leaves.

24 488 0

Season Seven

When we last saw House, he was in a clinch with Cuddy. Where will this lead?

25 1,330 0

Season Six

In which House finally gets a 2-hour episode and then other interesting things happen as well.

22 1,969 0

Season Five

In which House & Wilson break up and get back together, Cuddy gets a baby, Foreman gets a girlfriend (13), Chase & Cameron get married and Kutner goes to Washington.

25 4,295 0

Season Four

In which we meet the n00bs, the ducklings have their own off-screen adventures, the writers' (and nurses') strike attacks and everything ends in tears.

17 4,949 0

Season Three

In which Wilson manipulates, Cuddy softens and Foreman pretends to quit. I vaguely remember a cop causing a little bit of bother at some point, but it wasn't really much - something about a speeding ticket.

25 676 0

Season Two

In which Stacy floats around for half a Season, Foreman gets ill and House and Wilson do their very own version of 'The Odd Couple'.

25 337 0

Season One

In which we meet our heroes, deal with Vogler and the word 'niiiiice' is wonderfully overused.

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I Have a Feeling We're Not in Princeton Any More





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Hirings and Firings: Real Life

This is the place for introductions, vacation notices and just general real life chatter.

10 6,209 0 Re: In the Hizzy:...
Mar 30 14 10:48 AM

House-Bound No More

This is where you discuss all the books, movies, music and television that (sacrilege) isn't about House.

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Come with Me to the Clubhouse

A place for games that have nothing (*gasp*) to do with House.

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Urgent Doctor Stuff





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Rules, Guidelines and Announcements

Check back here for the latest updates on the House of Whining.

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Troubleshooting, etc.

If you're having any trouble with any part of the board, here's the place to notify us.

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